BLS Cargo criticises the planned track access charge increases in Switzerland

Due to higher marginal costs at SBB Infrastructure, the base price for wear and tear as an element of the train path price is set to increase. The partial revision of the Federal Network Access Ordinance provides for an increase in the wear price of 18.5%, which in the case of BLS Cargo would result in an increase in the train path price of 16% as of 1 January 2025. Added to this is the announced increase in the traction current price of around 27% as of 1 January 2024. This could trigger a significant deterioration in the competitiveness of rail freight transport and an undermining of the modal shift objective. This is unacceptable to BLS Cargo. In its statement, BLS Cargo - together with DB Cargo International, railCare and Hupac - opposes the price increase (available in German only)

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