BLS Cargo receives European safety certificates

The European Railway Agency, together with the national authorities of Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Italy, has granted BLS Cargo the Single Safety Certificates for the next five years. Together with the network access licence, this is the prerequisite for BLS Cargo to be allowed to operate as a freight railway in the countries mentioned.


The Single Safety Certificates (SSC) certifies that the railway undertaking has a viable safety management system and thus guarantees safe and reliable rail operations. To obtain the SSC, a new form (Common Safety Method) for setting up the safety management system is required, which is specified by the European Railway Agency (ERA) and recognised by the national authorities. 

BLS Cargo has adapted its processes and systems to the new requirements in recent months and applied to ERA for the SSC for Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Italy. With its track record and professional submission, BLS Cargo has convinced the controlling authorities: BLS Cargo was issued the SSC for the maximum period of five years

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